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Office of the Official Secretary to the President

The Office of the President

The Office of the President supports His Excellency the President fulfill his roles and obligations. The Office of the President is headed by the Official Secretary.

The Official Secretary has the following functions:

  • Oversees the effective formulation and implementation of all planning documents in accordance with the whole-of-Government approach through the 2013 Constitution, the National Development Plan and related reforms coordinated by Government’s central agencies;
  • Supervises the efficient and effective management of human and financial resources and intellectual assets of the Presidential properties;
  • Directs the application of relevant information technology to improve the internal systems and processes and assist with management decision-making;
  • Ensures that continuous quarterly monitoring, evaluation and review of staff performance against established targets within the Annual Operation Plans are attended to; and
  • Manages the upskilling of staff across the entire spectrum of services in the Office of the President and the State House.

Legislative and Regulatory responsibilities

The Office of the President is guided in its daily operations by the following legislations and documents:

1 2013 Constitution
2 Honours and Awards Act 1995
3 5-year and 20-Year National Development Plan
Finance Management Act 2004
Financial Instructions 2010
Agency Financial Manual 2015
5 Fiji Procurement Act 2010
6 The Public Service Act 1999
7 Occupational Health and Safety at Work Act 1996
8 Fiji National Provident Fund Decree 2011
9 Employment Relations Promulgation 2007
  • The Official Secretary, in his capacity as the Operational Head for the Office of the President oversees the three divisions namely; the Executive Support Division, the Operations Division and the Corporate Services Division.
  • The Security Services Division is under the charge of the President’s Aide-de-Camp. The Security Division provides the required security services for the President and his immediate family and the premises.
  • The Executive Division provides direct support to the President by planning, organising and managing all national and international engagements; advising on contextual matters and other issues; and drafting speeches and messages. The division also responds to all communication from stakeholders and the public at large.
  • The Operation Division handles all support services related to the operational arm of the Office. This includes the Domestic Services Section, which deals directly with His Excellency’s personal welfare and wellbeing and the Properties Management Section with all its activities, including the upkeep of the State House compound and the outposts and monitors all capital projects for the Office.
  • The Corporate Division provides corporate services including Finance, all aspects of Human Resources Management including the facilitation of professional development and recruitment processes, oversees the management of the Office vehicle fleet and also coordinates the College of Honour Section.