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Fijian Honours and Awards

The Fiji Government in 1995 instituted the Order of Fiji to recognise achievements or meritorious service, and acts of conspicuous courage and bravery by citizens of Fiji and, occasionally, as honorary appointments, by non-citizens. The Order has awards for the General Division and for the Disciplined Services.

How to Nominate Someone for an Award

Nominations may be made by any person or persons to be recognised in the Order of Fiji. Nominations can be made by filling the Electronic Form or manually by filling the

1. Information Required

To complete a nomination you will need:

  • Full name (it is most important that this is accurate and the spelling correct);
  • Current residential address;
  • Telephone number(s) (office & after hour);
  • Date of birth/ age;
  • Citizenship: if not a Fiji citizen, actual citizenship should be stated;
  • Details of any honours (Civil and Military) and /or distinguished appointments held, with dates if possible, e.g. M.B.E (1980), M.C (1994), E.D (1975), J.P (1985);
  • Academic and/or professional qualifications held;
  • Occupation;
  • To explain why they are deserving of award, including details of their contributions and service;
  • If the services given are voluntary this fact should be noted. It is important to state when a particular office was relinquished (if applicable) and which offices are currently held by the nominee.
  • To provide details of up to four referees to support the nomination.

2. Details of Person Nominating

The person making the nomination must submit the following information about them:

  • Full name;
  • Current residential address (and postal address if different from residential address);
  • Telephone and mobile numbers;
  • Occupation;
  • Work address and phone number.

3. Details of the Act of Bravery Required

Nominations for Acts of Bravery must include the following information:

  • Precise details of the act(s) of bravery for which recognition is sought.
  • Witness statements, preferably originals, certified or witnessed copies.
  • Please indicate if the Fiji Police, Fire Service, a doctor or hospital were involved in the case, and provide details.
  • Copies of newspaper/media reports may be submitted but may not be used as the basis of the nomination.
  • Videos or tapes relating to the incident may not be submitted.

4. Risk of Life

Nominations for Acts of Bravery where risk of life is involved must:

  • Where possible, include an indication of the degree of risk to the life of the person being nominated in performing the act of bravery. It is important to bear in mind that the degree of risk may vary between a trained and untrained person (e.g. a Police officer facing a assailant as opposed to a 70 year old woman facing an assailant)
  • Nominations which do not involve risk to the nominee’s life are not usually successful.

5. Two or More Nominees

  • If more than one person is nominated for the same act of bravery, full details on each person (No.3) and the act itself (No. 4) are required. The precise part played by each person must be clearly stated.
  • If other persons were involved in the incident but not nominated for an award, the reasons for this should be stated.

6. Court, or other Proceedings

If the act of bravery or incident relating to it is subject to court proceedings, Police, Fire Service or other enquiry, the nomination should be delayed until the proceedings have been completed and information appended to the nomination.

7. Other Bravery Awards

If the nominee has also been nominated for another award, or if the case is likely to involve other awards or commendation, please give details.

8. Employment Related Services

Nominations of persons who performed acts of bravery in the course of their employment (e.g. members of Police, Fire Services, and Republic of Fiji Military Forces) should in the first instance be directed to the controlling or commanding officer of the employing organization for consideration.

9. Consent of the Nominee

It is not necessary to have the consent of the person being nominated.

10. Nominee’s Relationship with Rescued Person

If there is a relationship between the nominee and the person or persons he/she has rescued, details of the relationship must be given.

11. Time Limits for Nominations

Nominations for acts of bravery should be made within twelve months of the incident. Nominations relating to events more than five years ago are unlikely to be considered.

12. Unsuccessful Nominations

No reasons will be given for unsuccessful nominations.

13. Relationship between Nominee and Nominator

If a family relationship or business connection or state of friendship should exist between nominee and nominator this should be made clear in the nomination papers.

14. Enquiries

Enquires relating to the Honours System and nominations should be directed to the Secretary to the College of Honour, State House, P.O Box 2513, Government Buildings, Suva. Email: