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Corporate Profile

Office of the President

The main role of the Office of the President is to support the President in fulfilling all his roles.

These include:

  • Constitutional obligations as the Head of State with the vested Executive Authority of the State; and
  • His ceremonial roles as Commander-in-Chief of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces; and as
  • Chancellor of the Order of Fiji.

The institution in its role as the beacon of support for His Excellency, adheres the following:

Our Vision

To be the Pillar of National Unity

Our Mission

The primary mission of the Office of the President is to support the President of the Republic of Fiji in fulfilling all his obligations as the Head of State and Executive Authority of the State.

The Office of the President will work in accordance with the Constitution of Fiji and any principal document that will guide Fiji’s development as a nation, including Fiji’s National.

Development Plan; the Office will provide outstanding facilitative services to its customers including all members of the public and both local and foreign dignitaries;

It will emphasize the importance of its human resources and accommodate their creative and innovative abilities in the pursuit of service excellence; and it will operate within its budget and allocated resources whilst investing in technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery.

Our Values

  • High Standards of Professionalism
  • Prompt & Faithful Implementation of Government Policies
  • Being free from Corruption
  • Effective, Efficient & Economic Use of Public Resources
  • Prompt Response to Requests & Questions & Delivery of Service to the Public in a Respectful, Effective, Impartial, Fair & Equitable Manner
  • Accountability for Administrative Conduct
  • Transparency including:
    • timely, accurate disclosure on information to the public
    • prompt, complete & candid reporting to Parliament as required by Law
  • Cultivation of good Human Resource Management & Career Development Practices, to maximize Human Potential
  • Recruitment & Promotion based on:
    • Objectivity, Impartiality & Fair Competition
    • Ability, Education, Experience & other Characteristics of Merit

Our Customers and Stakeholders

We take great pride in providing outstanding facilitative services to our customers and stakeholders.

Our customers and stakeholders include:
Internal External
His Excellency the President Parliament
The First Lady The Executive - Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers
Agency Staff Judiciary
Security Personnel State Services – Government agencies, Disciplined Forces and Constitutional Offices Commission
Residents in the Staff quarters
Diplomatic Community
Private Sector
International Organisations
Non-Government Organisations
Providers of Goods and Services
Members of the Public