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Media Release

Office of the President heads to Namosi for Community Outreach Programme

May 3, 2019

His Excellency President, Major-General (Ret’d) Jioji Konusi Konrote was accompanied by staff members and security personnel of the Office of the President in collaboration with the Namosi Provincial Office, Fiji Police Force, Fiji Navy, National Fire Authority, Ministry of Health, Pleass Global Limited, People of Nabukavesi and other government agencies in Navua for a combined community clean-up campaign on Friday, 03rd May, 2019 along the Nabukavesi/Namosi Access Rural Road.

The community clean-up campaign was conducted as part of the Community Service Responsibility (CSR) for government agencies as planned in their Annual Operational Plan for 2018-2019. This activity is one of the many CSR exercises that the Office of the President will continue to embark on. The government officials with His Excellency the President and the members of the community were able to clean an area of approximately 5km in length from both sides of the road and in doing so also participated in a 5km morning walk. This initiative complemented His Excellency’s role of being National Champion/ Lead Advocate in the campaign to combat Non-Communicable Diseases.

The clean-up of the Nabukavesi/Namosi Road was essential as it is often littered and polluted with household garbage. These had increasingly become an eye-sore and potential hazard that could easily cause physical injury, disease or infection of any kind to any person coming into contact with these objects made of glass, metallic or rusted materials.

Furthermore, the campaign was also an ideal opportunity for the staff of the Office of the President, Namosi Provincial Office, People of Nabukavesi and government agencies in Navua to strengthen their networking and encourage more interconnectedness between their offices.

The clean-up campaign is the collective efforts of the team towards the reversal of the impact of climate change; honouring Fiji’s Presidency of COP23; and the individual efforts of the staff towards protecting the environment as Fijian citizens and importantly, responsible global citizens of Mother Earth.